Consumer Terrorism: Laura Ingraham Loses Advertisers After Parkland Student Calls For Boycott; Ingraham Apologizes


On Thursday, Fox News host Laura Ingraham lost multiple advertisers from a boycott that was launched by Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg after he was offended by something she tweeted on Wednesday.

Ingraham tweeted a news article that highlighted a recent interview Hogg had with TMZ where he revealed that he had been rejected by multiple California universities, and added, “It is absolutely disappointing, but at this point, we’re already changing the world. If colleges want to support us in that, great, if they don’t, it doesn’t matter, we’re still going to change the world.”

Ingraham was not attacking Hogg for not getting into college; she was saying that she believed he was complaining that he hadn’t been accepted based on his activism.

In response, Hogg launched a boycott on Wednesday night aimed at pressuring Ingraham’s advertisers into dropping her show from their advertising lineups – READ MORE

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