Congressman Details Robert Mueller’s Reported Excessive Drinking During the Work Day; Insiders Call For FBI Investigation


U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is being tossed into the Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford alcohol drinking controversy, according to an upcoming book detailing and revealing Deep State and D.C. secrets.

Mueller reportedly has been spending parts of his work days drinking as well as his evenings, according to detailed accounts and reporting from the upcoming Deep State tell-all book ‘PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas.’

Rumors of Mueller’s drinking have gone mainstream in recent months after employees at upscale D.C. watering holes notified Congressional personnel of the Special Counsel’s frequent trips to the bar, often during week days, insiders report.

This obviously is concerning, given Mueller’s key role in D.C. politics as well as his influence over the White House and President Trump. And some in Congress are calling for an investigation. But they dare not challenge Mueller publicly. Yet.

Just days ago Sen. Cory Booker grilled Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh at a Senate hearing, asking him if he drank during the day when he was a teenager in the summer. Booker should change his focus on Mueller, according to the new book’s author, and rumors swirling a key player in D.C. and beyond.

“This is just a very very small part of the book,” said author Mike Moore who writes under the pen name Thomas Paine. “With all the emphasis on Judge Kavanaugh’s teen drinking by the Democrats and their media enablers, I felt this was now newsworthy pertaining to Mueller’s excessive drinking. This is not something that happened 35 years ago. This is happening now.”

Moore agreed the information leaked by employees of high-scale D.C. drinking establishments about Mueller’s drinking should be investigated by Congress and law enforcement entities.

“If Kavanaugh is fair game, then certainly Mueller should be and the implications about his day drinking are disturbing,” Moore said. “This is a man investigating the President of the United States. This is a potential powder keg.”

Moore dropped the bombshell on Mueller’s drinking on Tuesday night via CrowdSource the Truth. Here is a clip from that show. Warning — Some Graphic language:

A second Congressman who spoke to Moore/Paine for the book described this well-known dilemna in the beltway as “Bob’s problem.”

It’s more of a question about “leverage,” the Congressman said. “What kind of leverage do others have on you if you are problem drinker and have gotten into bad situations. That is important because this man is investigating the president and putting people in prison. Does he (Mueller) owe favors?”

That’s a question for Congress to tackle. Or perhaps Big Media can start asking questions. If either have the guts. A very big if.

Moore said more facts, including what establishment(s) that blew the whistle on Mueller’s drinking, are detailed in his upcoming book, ‘PAINE: How We Dismantled the FBI in Our Pajamas.’

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