Congressman Confirms FBI Awan Probe Involves Bigger Crimes & Accomplices; Possible ‘Ties’ to Wasserman Schultz (VIDEO)


Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz just dropped an anvil on the FBI’s Imran Awan and Hina Alvi fraud investigation which is showing increasingly strong signs of becoming a Congressional albatross, despite assurances from the officials implicated that the case is baseless.

The case, Chaffetz said, is much larger than mere bank fraud. True Pundit reported on Tuesday, six days before the Chaffetz revelations, the Awan case was much larger than believed and the family was tipped off prior to the indictment by Congress.

Chaffetz, who retired just weeks ago, predicted the Awan and Alvi bank fraud indictment could explode and expand into something much larger. He said the case could prove the proverbial tip of the iceberg, involving accomplices, according to the former chairman of the Oversight Committee for the House.


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