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Commuter Drones: Uber Hopes to Transcend Gridlock with, Yes, Flying Cars


Uber has already revolutionized the way many Americans get across town. But, of course, Uber cars are mired in the same gridlock as all other cars. As some have noted, the ride-sharing service could even be making traffic worse. Yet Uber is drawing up some big plans to take that very two-dimensional traffic problem and open it up to three dimensions—with flying cars.

Hold that snicker. Yes, we know flying cars have been just beyond the horizon for nearly as long as airplanes and cars have existed. But consider this: The company sees as the solution drone-like electric copters—more precisely, so-called VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft. With fixed wings and a tilt-rotor arrangement, they’d use helipads for takeoff and landing, with rotors switching the vehicle’s operation to a more conventional winged airplane mode once they’ve climbed more than 1000 feet. – READ MORE

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