Communist China is now using left-wing talking points to attack America as ‘racist’


Communist China is angry at President Trump for signing legislation in support of the Hong Kong protest movement. Oddly, one of the ways that China has decided to get even with Trump is by pulling a page out of the American left’s playbook: accuse the U.S. of being racist.

According to CNBC, an official from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs office launched a tweet thread on Thanksgiving morning attacking President Trump and America, replete with accusations of racial inequality and disparities in the U.S.

The news agency reports the tweets came from Lijian Zhao, the deputy director general at the ministry’s Information Department, signifying “this is obviously an officially sanctioned move by Beijing.”

As writer Jake Novak’s CNBC column notes, Zhao’s Twitter thread is largely based on U.S. left-wing talking points and exploiting racial tensions, regardless of whether they are real or perceived. – READ MORE

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