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Common Core: Sen. Cantwell Uses ‘Medicad’ Sign On Senate Floor (VIDEO)


Democratic Senator Maria Cantrell gave a speech on the Senate floor Tuesday night about expanding Medicaid, all while standing next to a sign that read “War on MEDICAD.”

The goofy misspelled “MEDICAD” sign stood next to Cantrell for nearly a minute and a half while she railed against the GOP for decreasing the growth rate of the government health program.

When the sign was first put on the stand, Cantwell hardly reacted to the mistake.

“[The GOP health plan] is a war on Medicaid,” she said. “In my opinion, there are cost effective ways for us to continue access to health care.”

“I would hope that my colleagues would stop the focus on decapitation of cutting medicare because it would throw so many people off the system,” she continued. “These are the problems I still see with this proposal to basically think that junk insurance will be the way for us to get insurance.”


There has to be an intern somewhere getting chided for this major blunder.

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