Comey’s Book Tossed into Bookstore Bargain Bins


James Comey’s over-hyped book just isn’t selling very well in retail book stores.

All sizzle, no steak.

The former FBI director’s book is getting marked down at retailers who have not sold out their original stock.

Only four days after its release.


Comey banked $10 million for the book. His publisher, Macmillan, could take a financial beating, however.

It printed 850,000 copies thinking the book would be a sensation. Pre orders of the book were very high but since its release those numbers have not been matched.

The book still is ranked first at Amazon for sales this week, however, that included the large amount of pre ordered books.

But when retailers start marking a book down it indicates they can’t clear their current — and in this case original — inventory from the publisher.

Perhaps America has soured on Comey’s stories.

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