Comey ‘Friend’ Says Forthcoming Report Might Be Bad News For Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates


According to a “good friend” of Comey’s, Benjamin Wittes, who spoke to Fox News, a forthcoming report about the inner workings of President Obama’s Department of Justice will skim over Comey’s role in the Clinton emails probe and focus squarely on Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who Comey is convinced is far more responsible than he for the department’s “train wreck” of an investigation.

Wittes told Fox that “the consideration of other decision-makers, ‘particularly Lynch,’ paint a full picture for those people who believe the probe was a ‘train wreck’ that cost Clinton the 2016 presidential election.”

Wittes gave few further details, but claimed that Lynch was a “compromised figure” when it came to the Clintons, and that Lynch allowed Comey to “fall on that grenade” — by which he means becoming the target of blame for oddities in the Clinton email probe — and that she told him, directly, to “look beat up” about the investigation when it relaunched just days before Election Day.

He also named Lynch deputy Sally Yates as being complicit in the frame-up. “Her deputy, Sally Yates, did not persuade her to step aside. In October, when Comey decided to inform Congress of new investigative steps, both women contented themselves with staff-level messages objecting,” Wittes said. – READ MORE

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