Comedian Dave Chappelle Defends 2nd Amendment Perfectly


Fresh off his Netflix special that sharply divided liberals and conservatives and distressed hardcore cultural leftists who would cancel anything that doesn’t scream of wokeness, comedian Dave Chappelle delivered an insightful defense of the Second Amendment, illustrating exactly why America’s founders created it in the first place.

According to Bearing Arms, when receiving the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the Kennedy Center over the weekend, Chappelle first praised free speech and how he defended comedians who are “very racist,” arguing that the First Amendment is sacrosanct and that the Second Amendment exists in case the First Amendment is taken from us.

“(I) don’t get mad at ’em, don’t hate on ’em,” he said. “Man, it’s not that serious. The First Amendment is first for a reason. Second Amendment is just in case the First one doesn’t work out.”

Translation: If the government (or any entity, for that matter) were to strip a person’s right to free speech, religion, or association, people should be able to defend themselves. – READ MORE

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