Comedian Chris Rock About Trump: ‘Give Him a Chance!’ (VIDEO)


It’s refreshing to see someone in Hollywood avoid the familiar ritual of Trump-bashing. It’s even more refreshing to see someone in Hollywood defend him to a certain extent.

On October 6, on the Graham Norton Show, a British talk show, comedian Chris Rock, a celebrity who has supported Barack Obama in the past, refused to engage in the great celebrity wave of throwing insults at President Donald Trump. Instead, he said, “I like Trump. It might work out. Give him a chance!”

The host, Graham Norton, and one of the guest stars, actor Idris Elba, tried to pry a Trump joke out of Chris Rock, who was promoting his new global comedy tour on the show. Where most comedians would have cracked a couple of jokes and moved on, Rock focused on the concept that while Trump was now considered by Hollywood to be “the devil,” he used to be considered “the man.” – READ MORE

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