College students and alum outraged and ‘shaking’ that Mike Pence will speak at commencement


The picture of the aggrieved and trembling college student unable to cope with hearing unpleasant things, or simply things with which they disagree, is fast becoming the face of higher education in the United States. It is therefore not a surprise that the invitation of Vice President Mike Pence to speak on a campus might result in some safe space complaining.

It is perhaps somewhat a surprise that, in this case, it’s an evangelical Christian school: Taylor University. In the VP’s own state of Indiana.

“Inviting Vice President Pence to Taylor University and giving him a coveted platform for his political views makes our alumni, faculty, staff and current students complicit in the Trump-Pence Administration’s policies, which we believe are not consistent with the Christian ethic of love we hold dear,” Alex Hoekstra, a former staffer for President Barack Obama and a 2007 Taylor University graduate, said in the petition. 

Others proved more angry and visceral. 

“I have never been made to feel so physically ill by an email before. Taylor University, you should be ashamed of yourselves,” Claire Hadley, who graduated from Taylor in 2015, began in a long Facebook post. “I am physically shaking. The fact that the school who claims to love and support me, and each of it’s [sic] students and alum, would invite such a vile individual to speak on the most important day of the year??” 

After it was announced that the Vice President of the United States would give the graduating students the honor of high office at their commencement, some students, and even alum and parents, went into meltdown. PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil has their reactions. – READ MORE

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