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Colin Kaepernick Says Police Are Like Slave Catchers After Jury Clears Officer


Football player Colin Kaepernick compared the police to slave catchers after a jury cleared an officer for the fatal shooting of Philando Castile Friday.

Kaepernick posted a side by side photo of a modern police badge next to a badge of a slave patrol member. “You can’t ignore your history, always remember who they are,” the picture warns.

A jury of twelve cleared Officer Jeronimo Yanez of all charges connected to his July shooting of Castile, a black man. Yanez shot Castile seven times in the presence of his girlfriend and daughter after pulling him over because Castile reportedly fit the description of a robbery suspect.

During the stop, Castile told Yanez that he had a gun, but was not reaching for it. Prosecutors in the case argued Yanez acted too hastily during the exchange.

The defense pointed towards Castile’s drug use, saying it prevented him from listening to officer commands.

“None of this would have happened but for Philando Castile,” defense attorney Earl Gray said. “[Yanez] sees the gun and [Castile] doesn’t follow orders. That’s enough to pull your gun out and end the threat.”

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