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Col. Peters: ‘I Don’t Believe In Threatening Our Enemies–I Believe In Killing Them’ (VIDEO)


Col. Ralph Peters said Wednesday that he doesn’t believe in “threatening our enemies,” he believes “in killing them.”

Peters argued during a Fox News interview that war with North Korea may become imminent because of the U.S. government’s poor negotiation strategy with China.

“I don’t believe in threatening our enemies, I believe in killing them,” Peters said succinctly. “War should always be a last resort, but we’re coming to a point in North Korea, because of the utterly botched diplomacy, the inanity of our approach to China in all of this, that military conflict may become inevitable.”

“The primary reason for our government isn’t Social Security or healthcare or anything else–it’s to defend our people and our territory and North Korea is making wanton threats,” he asserted.


North Korea reportedly threatened to strike Guam Tuesday after Trump promised to respond to threats with “fire and fury.”

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