Coca-Cola Pulls Out Of Super Bowl, Will Air Woke Pre-Game Diversity And Inclusion Ad


Nobody liked “New Coke” and nobody is certainly going to like “Woke Coke.” Just ask the makers of “Woke Pepsi.”

After last year’s disastrous virtue-signal disguised as a Coke ad, the iconic soft drink company will not be advertising during the Super Bowl this year and will instead run another woke-themed diversity and inclusion ad prior to kickoff.

According to the Boston Herald, Coca-Cola will be running the 60-second advertisement just prior to kickoff to promote unity and positivity in the age of President Trump. Stuart Kronauge, senior vice president of marketing for Coca-Cola North America and president of its sparkling beverages business unit, said in a statement that the ad was specifically placed before the national anthem.

“We have a long history of using the country’s biggest advertising stage to share a message of unity and positivity, especially at times when our nation feels divided,” he said. “This year, we decided to place our ad just before the national anthem as Americans come together in their living rooms to remind everyone that ‘together is beautiful.'”

Ad spots on CBS prior to kickoff can range anywhere between the hundreds of thousands of dollars to the low millions depending on proximity to the actual game. A standard Super Bowl spot this year costs between $5.1 million and $5.3 million. – READ MORE

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