CNN’s Symone Sanders: ‘Democrats Aren’t Going to Fund Donald Trump’s Little Racist Wall’


Cnn Personality Symone Sanders Mocked President Trump’s Attempt To End The Government Shutdown Saturday, Saying That Democrats Won’t Fund His “little Racist Wall.”

“It is not good for anyone, that currently, the Department of Homeland Security is not funded, that folks are going to work for free, like, this is not safe for Americans. But, Democrats aren’t going to fund Donald Trump’s little racist wall,” Sanders said.

She continued, “And that is why the government is shut down, because Donald Trump came back and said, ‘Actually, I want money for my wall,’ a wall that he told us Mexico was going to pay for. I kind of feel crazy, because, he shut the government down over a lack of wall funding, not lack of border security funding. Democrats have never said that they’re not going to fund border security.”

“All of the measures that have been put on the floor have included border security. What they have not included is his wall funding. Are we going to allow the president to hold us hostage over a campaign promise he knew was a lie? I don’t think so.” – READ MORE


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