CNN’s Cuomo Whines: Evangelicals Only Support Trump ‘Because He’s Right on Abortion’ (VIDEO)


CNN’s Chris Cuomo seemed perplexed that evangelicals support President Trump, arguing that they only support him because “he’s right on abortion.”

During Wednesday’s edition of New Day, Cuomo interviewed David Brody, author of the new book, The Faith of Donald J. Trump. Throughout the segment, he made it clear that President Trump’s support among evangelicals baffled him, citing the Access Hollywood tape and accusations of an extramarital affair as reasons why they should not support him

At one point, Cuomo suggested that Brody and the evangelicals have given him “a really low bar” and asked “Why does the community give him so much forgiveness? The supposition is, because he’s right on abortion; at the end of the day politically, that’s all the community cares about.” READ MORE

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