CNN’s Carl Bernstein: Media Should Not Air ‘Propaganda’ Trump Press Events; Should ‘Edit’


Cnn Commentator Carl Bernstein Said On Air Sunday That Media Outlets Should Not Air President Trump’s Full Press Events But Should, Instead, Show Edited Portions To Viewers.

“I also think because of Trump’s lying, and his conduct in the presidency, which is so different than anything we’ve ever seen, we need to start thinking of a different way to cover his press conferences and briefings,” Carl Bernstein told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Reliable Sources.

He continued, “For instance, I don’t think we should be taking them live all the time and just pasting them up on the air because they’re basically propagandist exercises because they are overwhelmed by his dishonesty and lying.”

So how could we cover them differently? Maybe we should be there, edit, decide as reporters what is news, and after the press conference or briefing is over, then go with that story with clips, rather than treating the briefing or press conference as a campaign event, which they really are.READ MORE

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