CNN’s Camerota: Migrants Storming Border Is Proof Border Wall NOT Needed (VIDEO)


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota claimed on Monday that the hundreds of migrants that stormed the U.S. border were proof that no border wall is needed as she then proceeded to lie, claiming that none of the migrants illegally entered the U.S.

“Let’s talk about this,” Camerota began. “Nia, I want to start with you, because as unfortunate as this incident is, I’m not sure that it proves that we need a border wall; in fact, it’s the opposite the border worked, border security here worked. So, however many people rushed the border, 39 were arrested, they are going to be deported.”

“No one breached the border,” Camerota falsely claimed. “So shutting down the border worked and it also proves, that we don’t need a, I think, a border wall because the migrants made and went out of their way to go to the Tijuana entrance because the rest of the border was considered too hazardous, too dangerous to cross so they went an extra hundreds of miles to the port of entry in Tijuana because they considered that the easiest. So, in other words, the system is actually working…”- READ MORE

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