CNN’s Camerota Hopes For ‘Superstar’ Michelle Obama 2020 Run


CNN’s New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota broke out the pom-poms for Michelle Obama on Monday, wistfully speculating (on multiple occasions) that the “superstar” and “rockstar” might consider a presidential run in 2020.

Camerota’s giddy praise began during a segment in the show’s first hour about President Barack Obama’s surprise appearance at his wife’s book tour event: “Mr. Obama compared himself to Jay-Z, referencing the instances when the rapper appears at his wife’s concerts and surprises her on stage. And also, I guess, being married to a superstar.”

The CNN host touted the “rockstar reception” Mrs. Obama had enjoyed during her book tour, asking, “What does that mean? …Would she consider a run as so many people are asking?”

“Oh my God,” interjected co-host John Berman, “how many more times does she have to be asked?”- READ MORE

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