CNN’s Brian Stelter ponders censoring Trump with a ’10 minute delay’ during live events


CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter floated an idea he said was sent by a viewer of using a “10 minute delay” whenever President Trump speaks, in order for the network to pick and choose what is aired.

Thursday’s edition of Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter opened with high praise of Nancy Pelosi before pivoting to criticism of Trump. Stelter condemned the president for not taking questions during an impromptu briefing earlier in the day, declaring that Trump “evidently is not confident enough to take questions from the press corps right now.”

The CNN anchor then shifted to whether or not cable news networks should carry Trump events live, noting that MSNBC cut away from Thursday’s briefing.

Stelter published a suggestion under the newsletter headline “How about a ’10 minute delay’ for POTUS?” he said was sent by “a reader named Mark” via email.

“No radio show takes callers without the old ‘7 second delay’ to dump the caller or ‘bleep’ the caller. Trump desperately needs a 10 minute delay. Record the press scrum, then edit it down to salient points (if any), or just report that the POTUS went off half-cocked (again) with B.S. & lies,” Stelter wrote, quoting the reader.- READ MORE


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