CNN’s Brian Stelter Downplays Antifa’s Brutal Beating of Andy Ngo (VIDEO)


CNN’s Brian Stelter deliberately downplayed the brutal beating of journalist Andy Ngo at the hands of the left-wing terrorist group Antifa.

Ngo, a reporter and editor for Quillette, a site that champions free expression, was physically assaulted by a gang of Antifa thugs in Portland, Oregon, Saturday while covering a protest that — as is almost always the case with Antifa — turned into a violent riot.

Stelter, who holds himself up as the defender of all things “journalism,” who breaks into a full body rash every time a reporter is merely criticized with words for fear it will lead to violence, spent exactly 47 seconds of his basement-rated hour-long CNN show “condemning” the attack.

To his eternal shame, Stelter rushed the segment before a commercial — so that his panel would not have to lengthen the segment by discussing it, but even worse, Stelter chose not to broadcast the punching and kicking of Ngo.

Instead, as you will see below, Stelter showed only the aftermath of the attack, which makes it look as though Ngo was the victim of nothing more than some taunting after a milkshake/silly string attack. – READ MORE

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