CNN’s Bernstein: Trump Is on the Verge of Igniting a ‘Civil War’ in America


In the wake of President Trump’s well-received Fourth of July celebration and Sunday’s new ABC News/Washington Post poll showing his approvalsurging to record highs, CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein decried the President and his supporters for allegedly pushing the country towards a civil war.

Bernstein, a master of hyperbole that NewsBusters reporting can attest to, appeared on Sunday’s so-called “Reliable Sources” where he, in all seriousness, suggested that “this cold civil war predates Donald Trump. And Donald Trump understood that we are in a cold civil war in this country. And he has exploited it and brought this cold civil war almost to the point of ignition through his actions and his words, which are unprecedented in terms of presidential conduct.”

“No president in the history of the United States in 246 years has expressed the kinds of ideas and thoughts and undemocratic notions and authoritarian notions that he has,” he continued to proclaim, a total falsehood (Presidents Woodrow Wilson (D) and FDR (D) come to mind).

Immediately following that false accusation, Bernstein turned to attacking President Trump’s supporters around the country. “We need to start connecting these dots. What do people in the country think of this and why do they think and support him, no matter what he does, no matter how outrageous seemingly his conduct is,” he decried, as if those people supported Trump’s supposed “authoritarian notions”. – READ MORE

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