CNN’s Bash Blames Trump for NZ Massacre: Trump’s Rhetoric Riles Up ‘Nut Jobs’ (VIDEO)


Even if a shooting happens in another country, the anti-Trump media here at home are quick to put the blame entirely on President Trump. After the horrific massacre at two mosques in New Zealand, CNN’s Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash and political analyst John Avlon complained that Trump’s rhetoric was responsible for the alleged suspect’s violent act of terrorism, which killed 49 people. Bash made a direct link between what Trump says at his rallies and how “nut jobs” like this shooter, are inspired by his words.

Hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota began the segment lamenting that the shooter’s alleged manifesto, which was posted online, contained rhetoric that was similar to things President Trump has said in rallies and ads.

Some of the same language the president used in his campaign ad before the midtermsIt’s just rife with that stuff of someone who just, he’s a white supremacist,” Camerota gushed. Referring to Trump, Avlon added that when “powerful people” “echo it with their megaphones that has a real effect in people’s minds because it legitimizes it.” – READ MORE

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