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CNN/BuzzFeed Smear Collapses: Trump Attorney Cohen Not In Prague On Date Specified


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One of the charges involves Trump attorney Michael Cohen. This unsubstantiated dossier claims that Cohen is supposed to have been Trump’s primary contact with the Russians. More specifically, the document claims Cohen met with Putin operatives in Prague on a specific date in August. Rosie Gray (a former BuzzFeed staffer who recently resigned — along with a number of others) reports in the Atlantic that, during the date in question, a source confirmed Cohen was with his son at USC in Los Angeles.

Cohen told Gray in no uncertain terms that the CNN/BuzzFeed smear is “fake news” and added, “I’m telling you emphatically that I’ve not been to Prague, I’ve never been to [The] Czech [Republic], I’ve not been to Russia. The story is completely inaccurate, it is fake news meant to malign Mr. Trump.”READ MORE

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