CNN: Removing Our Employee’s Clearance a ‘National Security Threat’ (VIDEO)


The media are in a tizzy over the recent revelation that President Trump might revoke security clearances from former intelligence officials with a penchant for going on television. During a concern-filled installment of CNN’s The Situation Room on Monday, host Wolf Blitzer anxiously posited that revoking the clearance of CNN national security analyst James Clapper would constitute a “potential national security threat.

Blitzer was quick to get Clapper on the phone after it was revealed that his security clearance might be in danger.

During the interview, which took place in the 5:00 p.m. Eastern hour of the show, Blitzer frequently reiterated how much time Clapper had spent in the military. “How personally irritated are you right now that someone with your background in the military – 30 or 40 years, whatever it was – is being treated like this?” he asked obsequiously.READ MORE

Former U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper denounced President Donald Trump when asked about the announcement that the president is trying to get his security clearance revoked while on the phone with CNN on Monday afternoon.

“Well, it’s interesting news. I’m reading it and learning about it just as you are. I think it’s off the top of my head it’s a sad commentary,” Clapper said. “For political reasons, this is a petty way of retribution, I suppose for speaking out against the president, which I think, on the part of all of us, are born out of genuine concerns about President Trump.”

“It’s frankly more of a courtesy that former senior officials and the intelligence community are extended the courtesy of keeping the security clearance. Haven’t had a case of using it. And it has no bearing whatsoever on my regard or lack thereof for President Trump or what he’s doing,” he continued. – READ MORE

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