CNN Recently Glorified ICE Facility Firebomb Attacker In Resurfaced Footage (VIDEO)


We highlighted previously how just months ago CNN ran a segment on the “Redneck Revolt” which promoted the Tacoma, Washington chapter of Antifa’s John Brown Gun Club, of which 69-year old Willem Van Spronsen was a member. The rifle-toting Van Spronsen attacked a Tacoma ICE detention facility with “incendiary devices” and was shot dead by police on Saturday morning as he tried to ignite a propane tank after first setting vehicles on fire.  

Well, it gets worse: not only did CNN praise the John Brown Gun Club in its May 5th episode of “United Shades of America” with W. Kamau Bell, but the footage featured shots of Van Spronsen himself while commentary presented the group in a positive light. Even the promotional video for the CNN segment included a shot of the now confirmed domestic terroristCNN’s own commentary lionized the group as

“white, liberal, progressive people, inclusive, friendly to the world.”

CNN has remained silent as controversy grows online, and as more people view the network’s past glowing segment following a Fox News report:

A man appearing to be Van Spronsen can be seen four seconds into a promotional clip released by CNN for their segment. – READ MORE

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