CNN Panel Demands ‘Vast Right-Wing Propaganda’ Terrorism ‘Machine’ Be Punished for Shooting (VIDEO)


It was quite the scene on Monday’s New Day as the panel of CNN analysts and hosts continued the liberal media drumbeat to try and (at least culturally) criminalize and ostracize conservative speech as the root of evil, demanding Fox News be punished and the President be condemned for his “racist dog whistles” against the caravan. All told, they deemed “right-wing terrorism” as responsible for the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

Faux conservative and liberal media darling Max Boot led the way, telling co-host and former FNC host-turned-FNC hater Alisyn Camerota that “there has been a radicalization of the right, Alisyn, which has been going on for a number of years and you’re now seeing the consequences of it” in the form of actual and attempted violence last week.

Boot explained that “a lot of people…bear responsibility for creating this hateful climate,” led by President Trump and Republicans for doing things like condemning George Soros. No word if Boot is okay with the liberal media’s attacks against other megadonors like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers (the former is Jewish too).- READ MORE

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