CNN Lets Maxine Waters Try to Tie Her GOP Critics to ‘KKK’ (VIDEO)


On Tuesday’s New Day on CNN, as California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters appeared as a guest, host Chris Cuomo failed to challenge her hyperbolic attempts to link her Republican “right wing” opponents to the ‘KKK” as he only mildly pressed her on her recent claim that she would “take Trump out tonight.”

After spending the first part of the segment discussing the conflict between President Donald Trump and Florida Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson, Cuomo brought up a recent clip of her from an LGBT event. Cuomo recalled:

This has become an ugly war of words — not just in this situation. This is just the latest iteration. You have been a member — a named combatant in this battle as well. I want to play some sound from a recent LGBT event that you were at that has drawn a lot of criticism. Let’s listen to it.

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