CNN Journalists Lament Giving Trump Election by Reporting on ‘Bogus’ Clinton Email Server (VIDEO)


The panel on CNN’s New Day Tuesday morning used the Ivanka Trump email story to fawn over Hillary Clinton, admitting regret over giving it “too much” attention during the 2016 election cycle. The journalists revealed their bias in calling it a “bogus” story to begin with, complaining that they probably helped seal her defeat by giving it attention.

Host John Berman asked panel member Ian Bremmer, editor for Time Magazine, to compare Trump using her private email address to talk about government business, with Clinton as Secretary of State putting a private email server in her home. Bremmer complained that the Trump White House should face the same scrutiny as the Clintons have, because they both act as if “the rules don’t apply to them.”

Co-host Alisyn Camerota sighed that she wished she could see Hillary Clinton’s reaction this morning.- READ MORE

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