CNN Is Keeping A List Of Republicans Who Pushed Back Against Trump (VIDEO)


CNN’s Chris Cuomo told GOP Rep. Charlie Dent during an interview that the network is keeping “a list” of Republicans who pushed back and explicitly condemned President Donald Trump’s comments on Charlottesville.

“Don’t you have to address the president the way you are right now? Shouldn’t these senators, I mean we have a list of the people who have spoken out against him. You’re on that list, but there are many more who have not, who have not said, ‘Mr. President what you said was wrong and here’s why I believe that, and here’s what the right thing is,’” Cuomo said during an interview on “New Day” Thursday.

Cuomo reminded Dent that he was one of the good guys for denouncing the president’s comments, but he questioned why more Republicans weren’t lining up to condemn Trump. Cuomo pressured Dent to explain why his other colleagues weren’t falling in line.

“On something like this — where you now have the president courting a part of the country that wants to believe that there is a left vs. right race war and that it’s okay to pander to the right side of that — what do you say to the other elected officials down there in D.C. with you who haven’t spoken out? Cuomo asked.

“A number of my colleagues have spoken out. But I simply say at times like this we simply need to do the right thing. We must, as the party of Abraham Lincoln. We have to stand up and oppose this type of racism.” Dent replied.

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