CNN Helpfully Instructs Hawaiians Not To Try To Stop The Flow Of Lava


CNN should be covering the New York AG case with reckless abandon, but instead, the cable news network is focusing on instructing Hawaiians living near the Mt. Kilauea eruption zone that lava is hot and that they should not attempt to touch or stop the flow.

In a piece entitled, “People Have Tried to Stop Lava, This is Why They’ve Failed,” CNN helpfully informs its readers that lava is, in fact, hot, and that you should not touch it if you do not want to get burned. Lava is also fast moving, shockingly heavy, and — and this is most important — made up of boiling hot magma exploding forth from the Earth’s mantle.

The instruction was so important, CNN actually sent out an emergency text message to its subscribers warning them to stay as far away as possible from a substance that can literally eat a car in a matter of minutes. – READ MORE

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