CNN Freaks: Trump Has Hired a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Lawyer


CNN on Tuesday freaked out over the Trump White House hiring Joseph diGenova, repeatedly dismissing the lawyer as a “conspiracy theorist.” In contrast, CNN in 2013 hired Van Jones as a host, a man who resigned from the Obama White House amidst connections to the 9/11 truther movement.

On CNN Newsroom, reporter Abby Phillip alarmingly explained to viewers:

This addition of a new lawyer, Joseph diGenova, is someone who is known in Washington circles as being a pretty strident presence. On television, he appears on cable often. He also controversially is someone who has put forward this conspiracy theory that the President somewhat subscribes to which is that the FBI and senior officials at the DOJ are essentially trying to frame the President with this Russia investigation.

Co-host Christine Romans alerted: “President Trump shaking up his legal team by adding an attorney who is pushing conspiracy theories that the Justice Department framed the President.” READ MORE

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