CNN Fails To Mention Antifa Violence In Explainer Piece


CNN wrote a piece Tuesday explaining who the radical group Antifa is without mentioning the constant violence the organization commits.

In the wake of Charlottesville violence, where white nationalists, neo-Nazis and other ilk clashed with Antifa and counter-protest groups, many news outlets began to ask, “What is Antifa?

When explaining the organization — what it is, what it does and why — CNN failed to discuss the violence perpetrated by Antifa, only elaborating on some of the “property damage” the group has carried out.

In the section, “Why are they controversial?” CNN states that “the group is known for causing damage to property during protests.” This, in fact, is only one key reason why Antifa is “controversial” — the other is violence.

Antifa’s violence ranges from stabbing a police horse in the neck to beating people with bike locks. Antifa physically assaulted a reporter with The Daily Caller News Foundation in January and a search on YouTube reveals hours of footage displaying Antifa violence from protests across the nation. Antifa thugs are additionally known for assaulting police officers and chasing down fleeing people in order to beat them.

CNN also fails to mention that Antifa was declared a domestic terrorist groupby New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security and that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security stated certain actions from Antifa were acts of “domestic terrorism” in a memo from March.

Regardless of Antifa’s violence, CNN focuses on Antifa’s mission and goals, discussing only the property damage (reaching one million dollars in damage costs from one protest alone) as a point of controversy.

While destroying property is a staple for Antifa, violence is part and parcel of their protests — a fact CNN should note.

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