CNN Employee Slams Reporter Jim Acosta Just as His New Book Is About to Be Published


A current CNN employee is shredding pseudo-journalist Jim Acosta just as the reporter’s forthcoming new book makes clear his anti-Trump bias.

The title alone of Acosta’s book, “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America,” reveals, in our view, that it will be a one-sided attack on President Donald Trump, who frequently refers to the “fake news” media as the enemy.


The second takeaway is how an employee of the very network Acosta works for told Fox Newsthat insiders are pretty much embarrassed by Acosta.

Shredding Private Acosta. The CNN employee stated that while Acosta is asking important questions, he tends to “grandstand” and make everything about himself. That’s the exact opposite organizations want from a reporter assigned to the White House.

“People get tired of it,” the unnamed staffer complained. “Acosta is supposed to be a correspondent reporting the facts, but you can’t tell the difference between him and a paid pundit.” – READ MORE

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