CNN Departs America’s Airports


There’s good news even in our blighted time. CNN’s airport network is going away. Chief Jeff Zucker laments the death of a network that frankly no one watched or cared about.

“Having to say goodbye to such a beloved brand is not easy,” said Jeff Zucker, CNN Worldwide’s president, in a statement. “I want to thank our friends and colleagues who have contributed to its success and to celebrate the fact that for 30 years, the CNN Airport Network has kept millions of domestic travelers informed. It also became an iconic part of the traveling experience in this country. I am sure most of us have a story to tell about which airport we were at when we first learned of a major news event. Be proud that we had a hand in sharing some incredible stories with many millions of people over the past three decades.”

Literally none of that is true.

People who watched CNN in the airports in the pre-smartphone era did so because they had no alternative. A captive audience =/= a “beloved brand.” It was a brand CNN imposed by contract and we had to watch while we were sitting in terminals between flights. If you noticed the crowds around you in those days, hardly anyone was watching unless there was some breaking story. Then, they were watching because they had no alternative. The channel could not be changed and they had no phone to find a better source.- READ MORE

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