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CNN Claims Trump Will Campaign for Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore… in Florida


CNN’s Chris Cillizza contended Friday that President Donald Trump plans to campaign for Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore next week by holding a rally in Pensacola, Florida.

In a piece entitled, “Donald Trump is going to campaign for Roy Moore. Because, of course,” Cillizza, who recently came to CNN from The Washington Post, claimed the president’s real purpose for the trip’s location is to hit neighboring Alabama’s media market.

“Pensacola — for you amateur geographers out there — is 25 miles from the Alabama border,” he wrote. “It’s closer to the capital of Alabama (164 miles to Montgomery) than it is to the capital of Florida (196 miles to Tallahassee). And the Pensacola-Mobile media market reaches more than 15% of the state.”

“Trump’s Pensacola rally won’t be specifically for Moore,” Cillizza conceded, but “the proximity of Pensacola to the Alabama border — and the attention Trump’s trip will draw — is sure to rev up the pro-Trump conservatives Moore will need to turn out on December 12.”

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd made the same charge on Friday about Trump’s Pensacola rally.

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