CNN: Biden’s Teen Vogue Interview Indicates He’s Running


Predicting the maneuverings of political candidates is a tricky business, but one CNN commentator thinks he has it figured out.

Chris Cillizza wrote Friday morning that he believes former Vice President Joe Biden could be running for president in 2020, and the “biggest tell” of this decision is from an interview he gave to Teen Vogue.

The biggest tell to date of Joe Biden’s 2020 plans came this week, when he apologized to Anita Hill.

“I wish I had been able to do more for Anita Hill,” Biden told Teen Vogue in an interview. “I owe her an apology.”

Rather than going with the perhaps the more logical conclusion that a 75-year-old man wants to make amends for regrets from his past, Cillizza chooses clicks over logic for his “Joe Biden sure looks like he is running for president in 2020” headline. – READ MORE

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