Clueless: Portland Mayor Blames Trump for ‘Escalating’ Antifa and BLM Riots (VIDEO)


For 46 nights, downtown Portland has been the scene out of a post-apocalyptic graphic novel with shadowy black-clad, tattooed antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters taking hammers and skateboards to bash-in the windows of banks, public buildings, and the heads of federal officers. But now the Portland mayor says the riots are President Trump’s fault.

But, sure, Mayor Ted Wheeler says it’s all President Donald Trump’s fault for “escalating” the already-occurring riots because he was “heavy-handed” in keeping the federal courthouse from getting sacked.

Asked about Portland, President Trump said, “We’ve done a great job in Portland. Portland was totally out of control. They went in and I guess they have many people right now in jail. We very much quelled it. If it starts against, we’ll quell it again, very easily. It’s not hard to do.”

The Portland mayor is upset that federal officers, who have been using non-lethal and LEGAL methods to keep the rioters at bay, hit and injured a rioter with a munition of some sort, possibly a gas canister.

Wheeler, who has never lifted a finger to help any law-abiding Portlander injured by antifa – including Mike Strickland, Andy Ngo, and many others – was concerned about the injured … terrorist. – READ MORE

Listen to the insightful Thomas Paine Podcast Below --

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