‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed’s Father Says The ‘New Immigrants Make America Great’


Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, father of famed ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed, foisted himself back into the limelight less than 24-hours after the family’s return to Texas. In a live Facebook video interview Tuesday, the Mohamed family patriarch mused on topics like “new immigrants make America great,” Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, the clock incident, and even, what he misses most about the United States while living in Qatar.

He sat in a regal red velvet cushioned chair wearing white flowing clerics robes when he spoke to the Dallas Morning News, which gave him 20 minutes of live social media time.

Mohamed called America “good” and said it was “built on the new immigrant.” The “new immigrants make America great,” he commented, although he never defined which new immigrants entering the U.S. were elevating the nation. Instead, he segued to a few words about the Koran, explaining that in 2011 he was the “defense attorney” against a Florida Pastor who burned a Koran at his tiny church. – READ MORE

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