Clintons’ Speaking Tour Opens to 83% Empty Seats, Coughing Fit


Bill And Hillary Clinton’s 13-city Speaking Tour Opened In Toronto To A Near-empty Arena And A Coughing Fit.

The Daily Mail reports that this latest money grab from the Clintons managed to attract only 3,300 in a stadium that holds 19,800 — which works out to 83 percent empty. This figure is made even more embarrassing by the fact that as the date of the event neared, the venue was not able to give tickets away at just $6.55 each. Ticket prices started between $200 and $53 Canadian.

On top of that, in the middle of the event, Hillary had one of her famous coughing fits, which was caught on video.

While the aging Clintons spent much of the night bashing President Trump, they did so in front of a nearly empty room that proves just how out of touch they have both become. The belief they could fill a hockey arena is the worst kind of vanity. Had the event taken place at a smaller venue, the Clintons’ diminishing appeal would not have been quite so obvious. – READ MORE


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