Clinton’s Server Tech Bryan Pagliano Takes the Fifth… 125 Times


While Democrats were busy distracting America with their gun-control temper tantrum, Hillary Clinton’s server technician, Bryan Pagliano, was invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to avoid giving testimony in federal court… one hundred and twenty-five times.

Luckily for Pagliano, Democrats want the Second Amendment wiped out with secret government lists, not the Fifth. In fact, while Democrats are eager to get those secret lists rolling for American citizens, they were pretty upset by the suggestion that government employees shouldn’t be allowed to invoke the Fifth to avoid giving testimony related to their job duties.

We’ll never have “watch lists” of government elites suspected of involvement in corruption. The Fifth Amendment is the only part of the Bill of Rights Democrats still seem to care about, but they’re really in love with it.

Evidently Democrats do think there should be lists of dissident Americans who aren’t allowed to bring Freedom of Information Act cases because they have anti-regime political agendas, because CNN reports “Pagliano’s attorneys have said their client is ‘caught up in a lawsuit with an undisputed political agenda,’ and that he would not cooperate with Judicial Watch.”

“The fact Hillary Clinton’s former IT staffer pleaded the Fifth an astounding 125 times is another reminder of how much she has to hide and how serious the FBI’s criminal investigation really is,” Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus accurately observed, prompting CNN to turn this into a “Republicans Pounce” story. – READ MORE

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