Clinton, Dean Raise Resistance Money: ‘Harnessing the Energy and Activism Post-Election’


Now, Axios reports that all three Clintons will headline a fundraiser next month in New York City for the Clinton Foundation, an organization that has been under investigation by the FBI and Congress for uranium deals with Russia and cash infusion into the “philanthropic” foundation.

Axios reported that the Clintons “sporadic” appearances since the 2016 election is about to heat up this spring and summer:

Longtime Clinton supporters last week received an invitation offering access to the family (the green invitation features photos of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea) at a Clinton Foundation benefit on May 24 in New York, at prices ranging from $2,500 (“Friend”) for cocktail party and dinner, up to $100,000 (“Chair”) for “Leadership Reception for two, a premium table of ten, program recognition as Gala Chair and invitations to the Clinton Foundation Annual Briefing.” The foundation’ streamlined mission: “create economic opportunity, improve public health, and inspire civic engagement and service.”

Hillary also convened her political group Onward Together on Monday in New York City with help from co-founder and fellow failed presidential candidate, Howard Dean, according to Axios.

She and Dean “will welcome 11 partner organizations for a day of sessions ‘about harnessing the energy and activism post-election,’” Axios reported. “In the afternoon, the groups have the chance to meet with 150 donors.” – READ MORE

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