Clinton Continues to Blame Others for 2016 Loss


Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday continued to blame others for her 2016 loss, this time faulting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Clinton targeted the tech giant while speaking at a screening of The Great Hack, a documentary about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. She said Zuckerberg “should pay a price” for the damage she believes Facebook is doing to U.S. elections, according to the Guardian. As speculation rises about Clinton potentially jumping into the 2020 Democratic primary, she said false information on Facebook will continue to impact elections “because propaganda works.”

“It’s only going to be more powerful going forward because it is more well tested. They know what they were successful at,” Clinton said. “We are getting warning signals all the time about what is happening right now and how it is likely to affect our next election.”

Clinton went on to say Cambridge Analytica, which illegally obtained Facebook profiles to target voters, was the “tip of the iceberg.”

“When Facebook is the principal news source for more than half of the American people, and the only source of news that most of them pay any attention to, and if it announces that it has no responsibility for the airing of false ads … how are you supposed to get accurate information about anything, let alone candidates running for office?” Clinton said. – READ MORE

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