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Clinton campaign delivers ‘pneumonia’ talking points to surrogates, media


Hillary Clinton wanted to “power through” her pneumonia, but after Sunday’s overheating episode, it “seems like the smart thing to do” to take some downtime, even though she is “raring to get back on the trail.”

Those phrases, projecting strength, prudence, and vigor, were among the six bullet-pointed talking points about Clinton’s health the campaign distributed to its army of outside surrogates Tuesday morning. The marching orders, part of the “Daily Message Guidance” from Brooklyn headquarters, instructed Clinton allies on how to answer questions about the Democratic nominee’s pneumonia and about how she dealt with the untimely setback.

The memo — which sought to underscore Clinton’s famous stamina and to argue she had been transparent about her health — was distributed a day after Clinton’s top campaign officials assured voters that the Democratic nominee had no undisclosed medical conditions, that she’d be back on the trail within the week, and that more medical records were forthcoming. – READ MORE

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