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Clinton Camp Rigged Benghazi Hearing By Feeding Dem Chair Questions


Hillary Clinton’s campaign allegedly fed former Senate Committee on Foreign Relations chairman Bob Menendez questions for Hillary Clinton to debunk ahead of the committee’s January 2013 hearing on the Benghazi terror attack, reports Fox News’ Catherine Herridge.

According to Herridge, the news stems from email correspondences between Chelsea Clinton and her mother’s top State Department aides obtained by Citizens United.

In one email in particular, Clinton senior advisor Philippe Reines wrote to Chelsea — under her codename Diane Reynolds — that “we wired it that Menendez would provide an opportunity to address two topics we needed to debunk (her actions/whereabouts on 9/11, and these email from Chris Stevens about moving locations) [sic].”

“The first question right out of the gate from Sen. Menendez covers both those topics,” Herridge noted. – READ MORE

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