Claire McCaskill Warns Democrats Not to Demand ‘Purity’ or Look ‘Down’ on People Who Want Compromise


Outgoing Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) recently indicated that her party has become too inflexible and needs more moderates if Democrats want to regain a majority in the Senate in 2020 — or ever.

“Will we ever get to a majority in the Senate again, much less to 60, if we do not have some moderates in our party?” she asked during an interview with NPR.

The senator also discounted the idea that she could have won her 2018 midterm race if she had run on a platform farther to the left and embraced more progressive ideas like single-payer health care.

“People want to say, ‘Oh, if you were just for single payer, Claire. If you were just more to the left, well, a lot more people would have turned out to vote.’ Wrong!” she said.

Earlier in the interview, McCaskill also suggested that Democrats had gone too far to the left and were unwilling to compromise and warned them against continuing to do so.

“This demand for purity, this looking down your nose at people who want to compromise, is a recipe for disaster for the Democrats,” she said.- READ MORE


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