Claire McCaskill Makes Desperate Closing Argument: I’m Not One Of Those Crazy Democrats


Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is on the ropes, losing narrowly in recent polls to Republican Josh Hawley, the state’s current Attorney General, and she’s making an intriguing closing argument to voters: she’s a “normal” Democrat.

In a radio ad that began airing Monday, McCaskill instructs voters to judge her on her record, and not on which party she belongs to, adding that she’s not “one of those crazy Democrats,” though she doesn’t list the “crazy” Democrats by name (even though we’re all wondering).

CNN reports that McCaskill’s push is part of a wider overture on the part of her campaign, trying to convince voters that they shouldn’t punish the longtime-senator for the sins of her colleagues. The campaign is also admitting that McCaskill might not be the most likable choice for Missouri’s Senate seat, but that’s she’s, at least, proven she can be an effective legislator.

“In a new television ad released Tuesday by McCaskill’s campaign, featuring veterans who support McCaskill, one man says of the incumbent senator, ‘you don’t have to like her,’ before pushing back on Republican lines of attack and praising her work in the Senate,” CNN reports. – READ MORE


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