‘Civil War’ filmmaker Ken Burns ridiculed for arguing it’s ‘most fraught’ time in US history


Ken Burns, the filmmaker known for his award-winning Civil War documentary, was mocked for referring to America’s current climate as “the most fraught time” in the history of the Republic.

Citing COVID-19 “misinformation” and battles over election laws, Burns argued the U.S. is in dire straits.

“We’re at this desperate place,” Burns said on “The 11th Hour With Brian Williams” on Friday. “The convergence of all those viruses, the side effects of the misinformation and the paranoia and the lying, voter suppression. And then the rewriting of our history are saying that we’re not interested in facts. We’re not interested in the truth. We’re not interested in the many varied voices that make us up.”

Those factors, along with Republicans who he said want to “run against the government,” drew him to the conclusion that “this is the most fraught time in the history of our republic.”

Media critics were quick to note that Burns, who NewsBusters referred to as “The ‘Civil War’ guy,” had already proved himself wrong when he created his miniseries. – READ MORE

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