CIRCUS: Mueller Gives Witness ‘Special Permission’ to Bring His Dog “Bianca” to Testify at Grand Jury


President Trump has been saying for well over a year that U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is a dog.

And now Mueller has given permission for a dog to be in the grand jury hearing while it’s owner testifies.

This is Officially a three-ring circus.

A sideshow of epic proportions.

“Just intercepted and interviewed Randy Credico getting off the train at Union Station, as he prepares to testify before Mueller grand jury tomorrow morning.

Here he is with dog Bianca, who he says he’s received special permission to bring to his grand jury testimony.” — Tim Mak

Bianca the dog is in D.C. to attend the hearing against Roger Stone, who Credico said threatened to take the Coton de Tulear canine away from him. Credico will be ratting out Stone for alleged threatening email.

Bianca, who Credico carries in child’s Disney ‘Frozen’  backpack, could not be reached for comment.

No. This story is not from The Onion.

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