Church hosts what may be one of the largest women-only concealed carry classes in state. Students say they’re tired of being afraid.


Kai Brown is a 35-year-old single mom with two small children who wants to protect her family, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

So despite her fear of guns, Brown attended what may have been the largest women-only concealed carry certification classes in Ohio earlier this month, the paper said.

“It’s my right to carry … so I want to be able to,” she noted to the Enquirer. “It’s wonderful to be surrounded by many different women from many different walks of life. And we’re all, you know, here to protect ourselves.”

The class took place in the basement of New Prospect Baptist Church, which holds one of the largest black congregations in Cincinnati, the paper noted.

But two Saturdays ago, it was home to 179 women firing .22-caliber handguns, the Enquirer said.

The paper added that students repeatedly said they were tired of being afraid — of guns, of being home alone, of walking in some neighborhoods. – READ MORE

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